The values of the Barrisol® group

Because respect is an essential quality of good manners, our values are built around this capital notion which ensures the durability of the relations we have with our varying customers.

Respect for customers

The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our work. For more than forty years, it has ensured us an activity in constant development.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers and to provide them with a service and an answer adapted to their needs, the Barrisol® network counts more than 1200 installers located in the four corners of the world ensuring reactivity and efficiency.

Respect for our suppliers

Maintaining a close relationship with our active partners is the fruit of our success. It is on the basis of this mutual trust that our business has become more efficient.

Respect for our collaborators

At Barrisol®, diversity comes in the plural, diversity of nationalities, diversity of skills, diversity of talents...

Barrisol® has a rich human capital. The gathering and harmonization of available skills contribute to the prosperity of Barrisol's activity because creating is not the work of one man but of a united team!

Respect for quality

Quality is our watchword. Since the birth of the brand, Barrisol® has been awarded more than 30 prizes and medals throughout the world. Trade shows, international exhibitions... Barrisol® is today a member of the world's number one export club.

The greatest masters of architecture such as Massimiliano Fuksas, Peter Eisenman, Philippe Starck, Kristian Gavoille, Norman Foster or Jean Nouvel have used Barrisol's technique for exceptional projects.

Respect for commitments

Our commitment to our customers and employees is the essence of our business. A guarantee of durability, it symbolizes the close relationship we have with all the actors involved in the Barrisol® universe.

Respect for deadlines, respect for our commitment to the environment, respect for quality... These are the values that we strive to honor every day.

Respect for ethics

Because ethics is a fundamental value in today's society, we are committed to it. Nowadays, ethics and ecology are closely linked. Therefore, we invest ourselves in a real citizen approach based on the pillars of sustainable development.

Barrisol® is proud of this collective mobilization for the respect of ethics in all forms of commitments taken.

Respect for the environment

We make respect for the environment one of our priorities. Today, it is one of the main vectors of our policy.

We act for the environment through various actions:
Implementation of the recovery of old canvas for recycling, equipment of the Thermalu economic heating system in our premises, carpooling, or even a system of recovery of packaging and water.

Member of the English and Canadian Green Building Councils, Barrisol® launched the Barrisol Les Recyclés® range in 2007. If all Barrisol® sheets are 100% recyclable, we went further. We have combined innovation and respect for the environment: The Recycled® sheets are made from old Barrisol® sheets.