The Barrisol® Group

Experience of a leader in stretch ceilings

Since the first stretch ceiling manufactured by the company in 1969 and the creation of the Barrisol® brand in 1975, there are now more than 30 stretch ceiling systems that make up the Barrisol® offer. 

The Barrisol® universe highlights a complete panel of products, both for professionals (architects, decorators, designers, etc.) and for individuals. A guarantee of durability and recognized quality that has allowed us to participate in the realization of exceptional projects:

  • The Colosseum in Rome (Italy),
  • The Foundry in Mulhouse (France),
  • The Baltimore Airport (USA),
  • The Federation Square (Australia),
  • The Stone Age (England),
  • Museum Ferrari (Italy),
  • Dior in Paris (France),
  • etc...

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Innovative strength

For Barrisol®, innovation is a priority: advanced technology and cutting-edge products. No less than 100+ patents have been registered since the creation of Barrisol Normalu SAS.

Setting new standards, creating more possibilities, Barrisol® reinforces its position as the world leader in stretch ceilings.

Design & Interior decoration

Ceilings and walls are just as important as the layout of a space to define the tone and atmosphere. 

Barrisol® offers a palette of over 230 colors and 15 finishes for your stretch ceiling. Choose a texture, a finish, a print, hang Barrisol® lights... Make your ceiling a work of art: give free rein to your desires!

Teamwork, the strength of a group

At the heart of our company, it is the teamwork which is the source of our innovations. All the solutions proposed by Barrisol-Normalu result from the synergy of the ideas of our collaborators. 
From the birth of an idea to the final design, the cooperation of the teams pushes the Research and Development to go always further.

We are never far away

The 1000 partners of the BARRISOL® network are present on the 5 continents, in more than 100 countries. The group's international experience combined with its local presence guarantees a quality and local service everywhere in the world.

Présence mondiale de Barrisol