Quality & guarantee

BARRISOL® guarantees you a high quality product

BARRISOL® places safety and quality at the heart of its activity, in the respect of the standards and legislations in force. BARRISOL® fabrics are 100% CE compliant, manufactured with phthalate-free plasticizers, guaranteed cadmium-free, mercury-free, and arsenic-free.


The fabrics are CE certified and fire classified according to European and international standards (BS1-D0, BS2-D0, BD3-D0). BARRISOL® guarantees safety in public places and guarantees the same level of exigency in your house.

Tests carried out by independent French, English and American laboratories confirm that BARRISOL® products do not present any health risk, neither during installation, nor for the final customer.

air quality a plus

BARRISOL® ceilings are labeled A+ (highest rating) in accordance with current legislation on volatile organic compound (VOC) emission levels and indoor air quality.

Conseils bâtiment durable

BARRISOL® takes sustainability seriously

By joining the various Sustainable Building Councils (Canada, England, United States) we sign a declaration of commitment, promising continuous improvement of our environmental performance. We are also a member of unifab, the Union of Manufacturers for the International Protection of Intellectual Property, an association recognized as being of public utility, fighting against counterfeiting, in order to guarantee you an original and quality ceiling.


The Barrisol® 10 year guarantee


It is the guarantee granted by BARRISOL NORMALU S.A.S, manufacturer, to the users of the BARRISOL® stretch ceilings.

Guarantee on the manufacture of the welds, harpoons and fabrics. The color and the aspect of the stretched ceiling are guaranteed two years in normal conditions of use.

Because of its structure and its removability (ceiling can be dismantled at will, without damaging the supports), the BARRISOL® stretch ceiling is subject to the "biennial guarantee" insurance.

However, BARRISOL NORMALU S.A.S. which ensures the manufacture of this ceiling, grants a 10 years guarantee on the good behaviour of the weldings of the strips and the harpoons.

Ceilings with defects related to this warranty will be replaced after return of the defective ceiling and determination of the origin of the defect at the factory.

Nevertheless, BARRISOL NORMALU S.A.S. grants this guarantee only on the express condition that the materials used for the ceiling, the assembly of the ceiling or any other element incorporated in the ceiling come from BARRISOL NORMALU S.A.S., i.e. BARRISOL® sheets, rails, separators, curved rails, spotlights, washers, adhesives, etc...