Environment & recycling

Barrisol® copolymer (or polyvinyl chloride) is a material of the future, the result of avant-garde research.

  • It is entirely recyclable and classified with the fire Euroclass B-s1, d0 / B-s2, d0 / suede finish B-s3, d0, (formerly M1).
  • It meets the most stringent environmental and safety standards.
Projet de bureaux Barrisol Mirror® avec mur végétal
Bureau Barrisol Lumière® avec inscrustations végétales dans le mur et le plafond
Restaurant Barrisol Mirror® avec mur végétal

Barrisol® and the air quality

All Barrisol® products are A+ labeled (highest score)

In accordance with the legislation in force on the quality of the indoor air. Often the air is more polluted indoors than outdoors, Barrisol® guarantees healthier air without risk for your health.

Reducing air pollution in the environment

The company provides its employees with minibuses for carpooling in order to rationalize the use of private vehicles and especially to limit pollution.

Barrisol® reduces carbon emissions: 350,000 km/year saved thanks to Barrisol® shuttles, i.e. 3.5 million km over 10 years !

The Barrisol® plant has 6 shuttles for the transportation of personnel. They transport about 35 people per year... That makes about 350 000 km saved per year !

The recycling of Barrisol® sheets

Barrisol® sheets are 100% recyclable
All materials used in the production of the fabrics are recyclable or made from recycled materials.

produit 100% recyclable

This is an important environmental action when you consider that more than one million square meters of stretch ceiling are manufactured each year.
The fabrics are recycled after use for the manufacture of other materials.

The manufacturing process does not require the use of water, which saves this vital resource. The fabric is also non-flammable and non-toxic.

Take back old Barrisol® ceilings for recycling

Barrisol® takes back its old sheets from its installers to integrate them into its recycling process.
Since the beginning of this commitment, several hundred old ceilings of all colors and finishes have been taken back, some of which are over 30 years old !


Comparison between a Barrisol® stretch ceiling and other types of ceilings

A 100 m² area of Barrisol® require only 25kg of fixings (50kg total with profiles) and 4kg of packaging. Contrary to traditional ceilings representing a 100 m² area, you would require 12kg of fixings and supports per m² (1200kg) with 20 kg of packing on average.

These low weights and dimensions limit energy expenses for manufacturing, packaging and transport, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

The weight  
  500g/m² 12Kg/m²
for 10 000 m² 5t 120t
115t less raw material to cover the same surface of 10 000 m²
The packaging  
for 10 000 m² 50Kg
Reduced packaging
Little waste
More than 1000Kg
Bulky packaging
Large amount of waste
Difference: nearly one ton
The transport  
Transport of the material Reduced volume
Lighter vehicle
Less fuel consumed
Large volume
Large vehicles
High fuel consumption
Difference: gain in volume and fuel
The assembly  
for 10 000m² with 4 people 50 days
Reduced costs
Premises can be reused quickly
80 to 100 days
Greedy in electricity
Long occupancy of the premises
Difference: reduced energy requirement
The waste  
Waste generated by the installation
of 10,000m²
+/- 0 Approximately 10 t
Waste generated by the production
of material
+/- 0 10%
Difference: very little waste
The longevity  
Durability 20 years and older 5 to 10 years
Maintenance No regular renovation
No subsequent investment
No dirt
No waste
Regular renovation
Subsequent costs
More dirt
More waste
Difference: no renovation
Reusable material 100% recyclable Necessary sorting
Ecology Preserves the environment
Reusable as an energy source
Non-reusable waste (rubble)
Difference : 100% recyclable